prof. Tamas Pajkossy

Research associate of Institutes of the the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1978-2019); present workplace: Department of Interfaces, Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Areas of professional interest are related to electrochemistry as:
– connection of electrode kinetics and electrode geometry in general (1983-) and connection of electrochemistry and fractal geometry in particular (1983-1990)
– double layer properties of metal electrodes, with and without adsorption effects (1994-)
– perturbation methods and related instrumentation (1981- ); dynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (2015-) – and as a byproduct of these studies: development of various test instruments for the Hungarian lamp industry (1977-2005)

Teaching activities: various courses on electrochemical and physico-chemical instrumentation for chemical engineering students of TU Budapest

Activity at CNBCh UW:
Preparation of electrochemical experiments – mostly of dynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, DEIS – to study the electrochemical double layer on noble metals. Delivering a lecture on a novel method of data evaluation of DEIS.

CNBCh UW Research Group:
New Materials Electrochemistry

Date of stay:
2 – 13 September 2019