Prof. Krzysztof Kuczera

USA, University of Kansas

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA

Activity at Home University:
Professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Molecular Biosciences.

Research field:
Computational chemistry and biochemistry.

Research interest and experience:
The research goal is to determine detailed microscopic effects of the environment on peptide structure, dynamics and interactions with proteins. Our studies employ molecular dynamics, replica-exchange and free energy simulations, as well as kinetic network modeling, to provide microscopic insights into influence of temperature, pH, viscosity and presence of co-solvents on peptide folding pathways. Our work involves extensive collaborations with experimental groups.

Teaching activities:
Courses in general chemistry, physical chemistry, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics and advanced biochemistry. I am especially interested in creating opportunities for students to experience molecular and data modeling, introducing active learning elements into the classroom and developing approaches for improving diversity and equity in science education.

Activity at CNBCh UW:
Present seminar and develop joint simulation-experimental project with Prof. Robert Szoszkiewicz.

CNBCh UW Research Group:
Laboratory of Physicochemistry of Materials

Date of stay:
3-10 January, 2020