dr Jerzy Krzystek

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab)
Florida State University, Tallahassee


Activity at Home University:
Research Faculty III at the MagLab (equivalent to Full Research Professor at FSU)

Research field:
Electron Spin/Paramagnetic Resonance at (very) high frequencies and magnetic fields (HFESR/EPR); Far-Infrared Magnetic Spectroscopy (FIRMS).

Research interest and experience:
Coordination chemistry of transition metals from the perspective of (a) catalytic activity, (b) bioinorganic chemistry and (c) single-molecule magnetic properties.

Activity at CNBCh UW:
Lecturing on applications of high magnetic fields in general, with particular emphasis on Dr. Krzystek’s expertise in magnetic resonance as applied to materials science. Delivering a seminar presenting own research in the same area.

CNBCh UW Research Group:
Environmentally Senstive Polymer Materials and Composites

Date of stay:
June 10–15, 2019