1.Who is invited to participate in the program?

The Visiting Professor Programme (VPP) at the University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre (CNBCh UW) is dedicated to outstanding scientists who work outside of Poland and are eager to share their knowledge and experience with scientists working at the CNBCh UW. The candidate should fulfill following criteria:

  • Consultations: Visiting Professor must be contributed to the project conducted with the use of CNBCh UW infrastructure (ID of project is mandatory);
  • Announcement No 11 of the Rector of the University od Warsaw of 6 Semptember 2017: fulfilment by Visiting Professor the conditions set out in the Announcement No 11 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 6 Semptember 2017 (II, 5);
  • Formal conditions: Visiting Professor will be evaluated by Scientific Board.

2. Who applies for financing the visit?

Persons who may submit an application for Visiting Professor, are:

  • Heads of Research Groups / Specialized Laboratories working at the CNBCh UW, conducting projects with the use of CNBCh UW infrastructure financed by CENT 3 project;
  • A group of 10 scientists working at the CNBCh UW, with a minimum of 3 Research Groups / Specialized Laboratories (one person should be chosen as a main applicant from CNBCh UW);
  • Heads of administrative units in the Centre.

3. What is a deadline for submitting applications?

The maximum period of employment for Visiting Professors is two weeks. The first day of arrival (first visit) to CNBCh UW may take place after the 1st of October 2018. The first day of the last visit must take place before the 14th of September 2019. The application should be submitted at least one month before planned arrival.

4. Who makes a final decision?

The Director of CNBCh UW approves the recommendation of the Scientific Board, thus confirming the acceptance of the application for Visiting Professor.

5. Which applications are considered positively? Who to invite?

All applications will be assessed by Scientific Board on following criteria:

a) the Visiting Professor’s contribution to the development of his/her discipline, as evidenced by publications in the high-ranking scientific journals;
b) leadership in the scientific community (coordinator of international projects, conduction a leadership position, actively involved in organizing recognized conferences );
c) international recognition of the candidate, as evidenced by membership in national and international committees and societies, editorial offices, etc.;
d) awards granted;
e) the number of completed research/application projects;
f) the candidate is employed at one of the universities under the 4EU agreement; (“4 EU” –  alliance among Sorbonne University in Paris, Charles University in Prague, and the universities of Heidelberg and University of Warsaw aims eventually to boost collaboration in research, infrastructure, student mobility and academic curricula. Though not a legally binding agreement, a declaration of intent was signed on the 10th of March in Paris by the presidents of the four institutions).

6. What is financed and what is NOT financed by VPP programme?

The Professor’s salary is set at a maximum of  approximately 300 € net per week  (500 €  gros per week).

CNBCh UW covers the cost of:

  • accommodation with breakfast up to a maximum of 500 € per week (the list of hotel approved by CNBCh UW);
  • lunches during working days (in cantine at CNBCh UW);
  • round-trip travel to a maximum of 1,200 € from Europe and up to a maximum of 2000 € for non-European countries;
  • transfer airport/hotel/airport.

NOTE: CNBCh UW does not cover other expenses.

7. How many applications can one research group submit in one program edition?

There is no limit for a number of applications; however one person can get financing support only once.

8. What is the language of application?

Only applications in English will we processed.

9. Does the application have to be sent electronically or should I provide the originals (paper version)?

There is online form on the www.vpp.cnbch.uw.edu.pl. All steps of application must be fulfilled online.

11. In which period can the visit be carried out and how long can it last?

The following rules apply to the project from 1st of  September of 2018, to 30th of September of 2019, and remain valid until the Director of the Centre publishes new guidelines. The maximum period of employment for Visiting Professors is two weeks.The arrival of Visiting Professor can be planned as from October 1, 2018, but no later than 14st of September of 2019.

12. Is there any limit of the salary for a visit?

The limit of salary is approximately 300 € net (500 € gross per week).

12. When and how will the candidates be informed about the results?

Results of the application procedure will be updated on the www.vpp.cnbch.uw.edu.pl website. Additionally Visiting Professor and Host will get information via email.

13. How many applications will the funding receive?

There is no specific limit of the number of applications. The only limitation is the amount of the allocated project budget.

14. What kind of activities may be done during visit

Consultation to the project are obligatory. The name of the project must be specified. Other forms of activities are proposed by the scientists and the Leaders of the Research Groups. It can be: lectures, seminars, trainings, workshop etc.

16. If more than one scientist from the university / institute is qualified, more than one contract will be signed?

Yes, the contract is signed individually by each Visiting Professor.

17. Who signs the contract?

The contract is signed by the Visiting Professor and the Director of the University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre.

18. What will the settlement of the program look like?

Within one month after the end of the stay, the person who submitted application is obliged to submit to the Director of the CNBCh UW a final report on the activities undertaken by the Visiting Professor. It should include a summary of the performed activities and the results of the work. If the CNBCh UW Director does not receive the final report within one month after the end of the Visiting Professor’s stay, the Research Group/Specialized Laboratory account may be charged for the Visiting Professor’s expenses.

19. What if the visit is canceled for reasons beyond the control of the university?

Each case is considered individually.

20. Is it possible to change the date of the visit when signing the contract?

At the stage of application, the dates of visits are considered as preliminary and can be defined before the final agreement with the Host Research Group.

NOTE: all changes of the date are not possible after booking the ticked and hotel. In the case of justified situations, the decision will be made by the Director of the CNBCh UW.