VPP (2018-2020) is dedicated to outstanding scientists who work outside of Poland and are eager to share their knowledge and experience working with scientists from CNBCh UW.

The program is supposed to contribute to the internationalisation strategy of the Centre which is focused on increasing relationships with universities and schools around the world. The project involves foreign scientists to innovative projects conducted at CNBCh UW.



Applicant from CNBCh UW (Host):

Persons who may submit an application for Visiting Professor, are:

  • Heads of Research Groups / Specialized Laboratories working at the CNBCh UW, conducting projects by using the infrastructure financed by CENT 3 project;
  • A group of 10 scientists working at the CNBCh UW, with a minimum of 3 Research Groups / Specialized Laboratories (one person should be chosen as a main applicant from CNBCh UW)
  • Heads of administrative units in the Centre.



  • Consultations: Visiting Professor must contribute to the project conducted with the use of CNBCh UW infrastructure (ID of project is mandatory);
  • Announcement no 11 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw: fulfillment by Visiting Professor the conditions set out in the Announcement no 11 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 6 Semptember 2017 (II, 5);
  • Formal conditions: Visiting Professor will be evaluated by Scientific Board on following criteria:
  1. the candidate’s contribution to the development of his / her discipline, as evidenced by publications in the best magazines,(0-10);
  2. leadership in the scientific community (coordinator of major international projects, director of the institute or program director) (0-10);
  3. international recognition of the Visiting Professor, as evidenced by membership of national and international committees and societies, editorial offices, etc. (0-10);
  4. awards granted (0-10);
  5. the number of completed research projects, including application projects (0-10);
  6. the Visiting Professor is employed at one of the universities under the 4EU agreement (0-5).


Criteria from a to e will be assessed on a scale from 0 to 10 points and criterion will be evaluated on the scale from 0 to 5, where 0 it means is not employed at one of the universities under the 4EU agreement, 5 – is employed.
A formal condition will be the Visiting Professor’s obtaining a minimum of 30 points.




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